Dave Bennett


Dave Bennett is an accomplished master financial planner, renowned for his expertise and dedication to helping individuals secure their financial futures. Currently serving at Evolution Retirement Services, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role, ensuring his clients receive comprehensive and personalized financial guidance. Dave’s educational journey began at the United States Naval Academy, where he pursued his passion for service and obtained a solid foundation in leadership and discipline. After completing his studies at the academy, Dave sought to expand his knowledge in the business field and enrolled at the prestigious Texas McCombs School of Business. There, he pursued his MBA, further sharpening his business acumen and strategic thinking.

With his solid educational background and a desire to make a difference in people’s lives, Dave found his calling in the financial planning industry. He joined Evolution Retirement Services, a prominent firm known for its commitment to excellence and client-centered approach. As a master financial planner, Dave combines his analytical skills, strategic thinking, and extensive knowledge to create tailored solutions that align with his clients’ unique financial goals and aspirations.

While Dave hails from New Jersey, he has called Florida home since 2016. Drawn by the state’s warm climate and vibrant lifestyle, Dave embraced the opportunity to contribute his expertise to the local community and help individuals navigate the complexities of retirement planning.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Dave maintains a balanced and fulfilling life. He values time spent with family and friends, recognizing the importance of nurturing those relationships. Dave also appreciates the opportunities for outdoor activities that Florida offers. Whether it’s enjoying the beautiful beaches or exploring the diverse natural landscapes, he finds solace and inspiration in the state’s natural wonders.

As a master financial planner, Dave Bennett combines his exceptional education, experience, and passion for service to guide individuals towards a secure and prosperous retirement. His commitment to excellence and his genuine care for his clients’ financial well-being have earned him the respect and trust of those he serves. Through his role at Evolution Retirement Services, Dave continues to positively impact the lives of his clients, helping them achieve financial peace of mind and a fulfilling retirement.

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