Tom Johnson


I have been told I’m a “rarity” because I was actually born here in SWFL. I have lived in different parts of the United States including the Midwest and Boston before moving back about 15 years ago. My family all still resides here. It is an honor to serve those in my home community including the many people who have relocated here. I fell in love with investing at an early age. I bought my first stock at age 15. Being able to take money and use it to make more money is a powerful concept that I am glad my parents exposed me to at an early age even though we were definitely a family of humble means at best. They instilled an attitude of work hard for your money and then use it to make it work even harder for you.

Professionally after getting my MBA at Purdue I worked at three Fortune 500 companies in Financial Management. I enjoyed much of the work but I knew something was missing. I wanted to serve people not corporate profits. The ultimate trigger was reading the book The Purpose Driven Life which lead me back down the path to financial planning. I decided to get my CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certification to enable me to bring the rigor of Wall Street level analysis and to construction to Main Street and individual families. I feel everyone should have access to high-level financial planning and analysis and not just billionaires. Personally, my faith and family are what is most important to me and makes me want to be a better person. I start each day with the Bible and gym as my forms of daily therapy. At Evolution I love being able to help the families we serve accomplish their most important life goals for themselves and loved ones with advanced wealth management, tax and estate planning strategies.

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